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Stay positive. Serve people. Provide insight.


We exist to protect our customers and provide insight that serves their best interests while cultivating a positive and Christ-like atmosphere. Through honest and efficient communication, we assure customers that our relationship with them is built to last. 


JB grew up around Wooster and is excited to serve the people of this area. The voice of Greenbrier sports, he knows and loves this community and hopes to keep it secure and covered for years to come. JB values relationships over transactions and strives to know his customers as more than just a number on a spreadsheet! 

Jeff has been serving Arkansans in the insurance business for over 20 years. Being a Certified Insurance Counselor since 2006, Jeff loves to ensure that his customers get the most coverage for the best price. When he's not helping your family with their insurance, he loves spending time with his own! 

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